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You just get a new property or lease one and you want to construct a fence around the property or you want to install a lamp post in the garden, then you will need to put up fencing poles to attached your materials for fence to and also for the lamp post you will need to put up the post that you will attach your lamp to. All these imply that you will have to dig post holes in the ground, which might be few or more in numbers. After digging, you will have to set the post in the dug up ground, fill it back with soil or you pour cement-concrete around the post so has to hold it in place. These works can be done more quickly with self digging attachment than the old fashion way of pot hole digging.

This is an excellent method of saving labor in terms of strength and time in a situation when you have a large load of digging to carry out, or the job involve difficult digging work. These digging attachments will not only break through a very hard, though or rocky earth, but it will also ensure that the work is done faster

If you are digging a hole and need to change the type of digger attachment you are using you will be able to do so quickly and easily. You will be able to install a whole fence in one day when you dig the post holes with the digger attachment meant for this use, a job that at one time would have taken days. It is much less time consuming and strenuous to use a post hole attachment to get the holes dug.

A digger attachment is a versatile when it comes to handling the moving of dirt,rocks, and other forms of material. The attachment is able to get the job done quickly and efficiently, saving the worker a great amount of time and money. Digging is only one thing a digger attachment is capable of doing. Loosening soil that is rock hard and getting rid of troublesome tree roots are no challenge for the machine with the attachment.



  • It saves the users a lot of time, energy and money.
  • It makes work to be faster and east to do.
  • These equipments are easy to carry and is durable
  • Using the right equipment ensures speedy completion of work.

What we Do

What We Do



Poles can be erected for the purpose of fence, street lights or mounting any fixtures like antennas, dish and cables. Are you considering erecting a pole? There are hiding cost attached from start to finish, likewise factors that should be considered, check out the list:


If you need to erect a pole, it depends on your budget, consider the following factors into the cost of a pole:

  • The height,
  • The diameter of the pole
  • The thickness,
  • Where it is manufactured and how it will be shipped with the expected distance.
  • Applicable taxes
  • Contractor fees for installation

Your budget depends on what you want to spend.


Another thing to consider is what kind of pole you prefer. Nowadays, poles comes in different forms; the types, the shapes and can be shipped, transported, and erected easier and cheaper by experts. To determine overall quality you should look at 2 factors which are

  • Diameter of the pole and
  • Thickness of the pipe wall. Basically, thicker gauge walls are stronger than wider ones.

The quality of materials used in the construction of the poles matters a lot. One pole can costs more than another similar pole know that there is a good reason for this.


If you found out there are no restrictions on some poles where you live, and you decide to go big. You need to visualize what that pole will look like in proportion to your house. Conversely, if you have a massive house, a pole that is too small can look so awkward. As a general rule, if your house is single-story, certain measurement of pole will be fine. Also for tall single-story homes or average two-story homes, the measurement for the pole height will differ.


When you decide to install a pole for your project, you need to know what is involved before picking a shovel and start jumping right in. It is even better to pay someone to do it right and effectively rather than to claim to save a few bucks and have to live with the results for the next years. The result of doing it yourself can be time consuming, laborious and you would cost extra.

if you didn’t do it right. The poles are inserted into a ground sleeve that is set in concrete which extends below the frost line. Expect the frost line to vary because it depends on the region. The most crucial part of installing a pole is making sure that the ground sleeve is erected so well in the concrete. Any mistake here of installing a pole cannot be easily tackled by self and it means wasting resources, time and energy. www.selfdiggingpole.com will help tackle any issue that may arise before, during and after erection and they can help you plan from start to finish.

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

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    CEO & Founder

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